Input/Output – Sue Nash – Sales Support/Administrator

Input/Output - Sue Nash - Sales Support/Administrator

Sue Nash in three words is:

Firm but fair.

Pro Audio Systems in five words is:

A great place to work.

You are a very experienced bookkeeper. What led you into a career in finance?

Stumbled into it from going on a course through an employment scheme; was told I had a natural aptitude for it but because I was a singe parent I couldn’t afford to go to college or Uni so, learnt the hard way through temping.

What’s the most important attribute of a bookkeeper?

Good routines and years of experience.

Live events are a big part of what PAS does. What was the most recent gig you went to? Any good? 

Three Odd Shoes, and it was an amazing night prior to Covid (look at the question 2 down - when do I have time for nights out? lol!)

You must appear on a reality TV show. Which one and why?

‘I’m a Celebrity’ - being locked in a coffin with snakes would be heaven and bring back so many memories – happy, weird and some sad – you asked…

We understand that you are passionate about  animals. What pets do you have?

14 cats, 5 dogs, 7 rabbits and a snake (inherited a cat rescue and they are living long lives but I did have 26 at one point). The oldest dog is 17 this month and youngest is 15…and the snake is 5.

We’ve been told that you are also an experienced dog breeder. What would you say are the main challenges facing someone starting out? 

At the minute if you are not breeding expensive dogs bought by the rich,  forget it – cost of living has hit bad - I’ve been trying to find homes for 4 rabbit for months and no takers.  I adopted 2 rabbits and was told the male had been done; came home one day from shopping to find little aliens in the cage!

You can travel anywhere in the world for a week. Where will you go?

Brighton - my grandkids are there.

Describe the perfect night out?

Meeting up with family and friends for a bite to eat and a good catch up.

If you could have a coffee with anyone in the world, who would it be?

Hard one that as every time I open FB another one of my heroes has popped his/her clogs (it’s an age thing). I wouldn’t mind a trip to Germany to have a coffee with my nephew, my great nephew and niece, and meet my great great nephew and niece (new born twins).

It’s another day at PAS. What’s so great about that?!

Being accepted for who I am -  and they have just let me take over by favourite bit of accounts – payroll. I’ve missed doing payroll so much, although setting it up from scratch was not easy and I have probably got more grey hairs…