Input/Output – Callum Hall, Audio Sales

Input/Output - Callum Hall, Audio Sales

Callum Hall in three words is…

Tofu-eating wokerati

Pro Audio Systems in three words is…

Solving your problems

What’s the most important development in audio-engineering this century?

Modelling software – it’s been a game changer through guitar amp sims, and will hopefully keep making equipment more accessible.

You’re a sound engineer by trade. Still keeping your hand in?

Every weekend – I look after The Blind Pig in Sowerby Bridge as well as working with some local function bands, so I’ve always something going on.

When you go to gigs as a punter, can you just enjoy the band or is your brain always coming back to the mix?!

Gigs have been ruined for me; I’ve not been to one for enjoyment in years.

Lapland at Christmas or The Grand Canyon in the summer?

Which one has the better internet connection? Both sound like they’ll be far too full of tourists.

It’s your birthday, you have 24 hours to do whatever you like. Talk us through it…

Are we talking omnipotence or boring normal every-day freedom? If it’s the every-day kind, probably just play D&D all day (but good luck getting the group together). Otherwise, lets dismantle capitalism.

You are appointed as an expert on a TV show. Will you be a judge on Strictly, a pundit on Match of the Day or a panellist on Question Time?

I’m not sure if I’d have more fun causing frothing outrage on Match of the Day or Question Time – can we combine the two? Either way, I don’t think I’d be invited back.

What was the last film you saw in the cinema? Any good?

Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – it was fine, I think?

You have a backstage pass for any gig by any band living or dead? Whose after-show are you going to?

Can I go home to bed instead?

How important is coffee in your life?

Not at all important – I get my caffeine from brightly coloured cans of energy drinks as the lord intended.

Another day at PAS. What’s so good about that?

Pew pew-ing at Ram brings me joy every day