Input/Output – Peter Butler, Business Development Director

Input/Output - Peter Butler, Business Development Director

Peter Butler in two words is -

Mostly Harmless (Although this is very subjective and could result in a wide variety of replies, some of which would definitely be un-printable!)

Pro Audio Systems in five words is -

The (AV) industry’s best kept secret!

What brought you to the industry?

In a word - music. My interest in playing guitar got me started in music retail in 1984, when, at the age of 16 I left school to join ‘JSG Music’ based in Bingley, West Yorkshire – a northern ‘Mecca’ for all musicians at the time. I was a customer of JSG prior to joining the company, and I was desperate to work there when a job opportunity came up. It was an amazing store, with talented people and just about every MI brand that was worth having at the time, under one roof. In 1986, in a very forward thinking move, JSG opened an installations department, then holding agencies for many of what would become leading pro-audio brands, including Turbosound, Martin Audio, Electrovoice, BOSE, JBL, Soundcraft, Tannoy etc. Our industry was in its infancy at that time.

What has been the most significant advance in technology during your time in the industry?

Computers!!! LOL. Seriously, without question it has to be digital technology which manifests itself everywhere and has become ubiquitous in almost every application. Not just in performance and live applications, but also the employment of software to aid in the design, implementation and even maintenance of equipment and systems.

How many guitars do you own? What’s your favourite?

Ah, a proper question at last! 😊 At the moment, only about 11! All electric. Naming my favourite is a tough call - they’re all different, and I’m lucky to have some fine examples. For sure the guitar I play most frequently at the moment is an EVH (By Fender) in black and yellow finish. After a bit of tweaking, it plays and sounds great….and I love it.

What was the first gig you went to and how much was it to get in?

The first ‘proper’ gig I went to, was AC/DC at Queens Hall, Leeds in 1982. I was 14 years old at the time - “And the music was good and the music was loud…”! Admission was a fiver with a 30p booking fee (I just Googled it). I was also visiting a good number of pubs to see many local bands at the time too - I remember travelling to school on the bus with a hangover more than once!

You must appear on a TV show. You may choose from Bake-Off, Britain’s Got Talent and Strictly. Which one and why?

It would have to be Bake off. I can’t dance, but I can make a decent flapjack – it’s all in the wrist action. And despite my dated, adolescent aspirations of being a rock star, I don’t think the British public would appreciate me on primetime TV with a guitar, wearing spandex. It would do nothing for viewing figures, I can assure you!

The perfect Yorkshire day is…

Another easy one. Spending a day in the Dales. A good hike in the hills with plenty of fresh air. The vistas simply cannot be beaten on a sunny spring or summers day. I’m a bit of an ambassador for Yorkshire to be fair. It’s true what they say – it really is God’s own county. 😊

The perfect festival day would involve seeing which five bands (past or present) from any era?

Oh that’s fairly easy too. Without  a doubt Van Halen (Original line up, sorry Sammy), Queen (With Freddie, obviously), AC/DC (Would love to have seen them with Bon Scott although I love Brian, who I’ve been lucky enough to meet), It Bites (With Frank Dunnery), and Jimmy Hendrix has to feature in the line-up somewhere!

What is the most disobedient behaviour your dog has ever exhibited?

Not coming back when called! That drives me nuts. He’s better now than he was, but when he decides to give chase to something, the red mist descends and that’s that. I sometimes wish I had just a little bit of his focus and single mindedness!

Italian or a Curry?

Well….even though I have an Italian heritage and love Italian food, as a Bradfordian, it has to be curry every time! We’re spoiled for choice in Bradford, with an abundance of renowned and award-winning restaurants to choose from.

What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Any good?

I don’t go to the cinema very often 😊 I think it might have been Jurassic Park, LOL!

Another day at PAS. What’s so great about that?

It’s brilliant to be part of the PAS team, and back amongst old friends. Brian Lumb (MD) and I used to work together at JSG Music, and Dave Simpson (Director and all round lovely bloke) and I also worked together for a few years at The Music Company (TMC). I feel both lucky and privileged to be part of the team responsible for the future of the company. Since joining we’ve expanded our team to include video and lighting specialists, welcomed new starters in our hire team, added more admin staff, have more new personnel poised to join the company, and have many more brands in our portfolio – across all disciplines. We’re in a good place, have a strong desire to keep forging ahead and look forward to seeing what opportunities the future holds. Watch this space!