Input/Output – Paul Ramsden

Paul Ramsden in two words is:

Service Wizard

Pro Audio Systems in two words is:

Solutions Provider

When did you first want to be an engineer?

After I realised, I couldn’t walk into a job when I left school, I decided between training to be a chef or studying electronics. Seeing the trend for TV chefs with books and chains of restaurants, I can’t help but think that I made the wrong choice. Ho-Hum.

I did 4 years training in service, maintenance and installation of AV equipment, before getting a job repairing all things back line and PA. I then did a year building and testing valve amplifiers along-side an amazing amp designer. I was also doing freelance work in events, installations and maintenance for Pro Audio Systems and a couple of other local businesses. After a few years I became a full time member of the team working in the service department as well as installations and events where need.

What is the most important attribute of the service engineer?


Whats the biggest change youve seen in the industry since youve been part of it?

Speakons - though a better way to put it would be development of safety features throughout the equipment used in the entertainment industry. Overall price of equipment coming down in price, alongside cheap products flooding the market. Computers allowing people to do from home what you could have only previously done in a studio.

What was the first music festival you attended? Who was on the bill?

I was taken to many free music festivals as a child, but the first commercial festival I went to was Nostell Priory in August 1982. I attended this festival three years in a row, the second one being named Nospop, and the third year it was a four-day event. That first year was headlined by Jethro Tull who were engineered by Leon who I worked with at Pro Audio Systems some years later. Marillion were also on the bill - the day before their big break at Reading. Through work I have become friends with other people who were there that first year.

Starting work in this industry was exciting because I got to see the other side of the many festivals and concerts that I was lucky enough to attend while growing up.

If you were curating a three-day music festival who would be your three headliners? 

Seems a cheesy question. I guess you mean who would I like to see, or what were the best acts I remember seeing. One of the most amazing bands I’ve seen was Zappa plays Zappa.

I’d say Clutch have also been amazing every time I’ve seen them, as was Courtney Pine, and Snarky Puppy were incredible. The band with the best festival presence were The Prodigy at Electric Picnic. Most of these bands aren’t among the music I play on a day to day basis, so I’m not sure who I’d pick for the fantasy festival. Perhaps I’d choose people from history who I’ll never have chance to see - it would have been great to see Hendrix or Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers.

What was the last film you saw? Any good?

I watch lots of horror films, the best ones tend to be low budget & funny.

Youve been given a month off to travel the world. Where are you going?

A month isn’t long to travel the world, and if I’m choosing destinations, I’d say I’m not really traveling the world. Or is it like The World Series? I loved Canada and would happily spend months there, but only in winter because I loved the snow. I’ve always liked the history of New Orleans and Japan so I could be tempted into an all-expenses paid world tour of either of those.

You are appearing on Masterchef. Describe your signature three course meal?

Bipartisan soup.

Crostini topped with legumes stirred through salsa roja, a true fusion dish.

Mint Chocolate Thins.

What are the best three beers known to mankind?

Dark beer, light beer and free beer.

Another day at PAS. Whats so good about that?

Problem solving, teamwork, meeting customer’s needs through word and deed. We have a lot of experience and knowledge within our team - we’re able to think outside of the box.

When a customer is happy with the results there is a sense of fulfilment that can’t be gained any other way.