Input/Output – Dion Turner – Sales Support/Administrator

Dion Turner in three words is:

 - Probably being sarcastic

Pro Audio Systems in five words is:

 - A great place to be.

What does a sales support administrator at PAS do?

 - The same as everyone else - whatever it takes to get the job done.

You’re a sound engineer. Still pushing the faders anywhere?

 - Not as much as I would like to, but when I do its mainly at The Blind Pig in Sowerby Bridge.

Can you watch a band without thinking about the mix?

 - I try to, it never lasts long. All it takes is for something to catch the ear then its game over.

From a sound engineer’s perspective, who are easier to work with - lead guitarists or lead vocalists?

 - For me it has to be vocalists. Guitarists, in my experience, always want to be the loudest, but I think unless you’re there for that, it can be off-putting to the listener. We all want to sing along right?!

Angling. When did you start? What kind of fishing do you do? What’s the attraction?

 - I only started November 2022. Currently only doing Carp fishing but looking forward to trying out different types of fishing. Nothing beats being next to the water for a couple of hours with nothing to get in the way.

If you could go fishing for a week anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

 - That’s a hard one. Probably France or Hungary which are known for having some of the biggest carp in the world. I’m sure the weather would be a little more bearable as well, but then you have the insects to contend with, so who knows?!

You can stage a evening gig at a venue of your choice. Three bands/artists current or past. Who’s on the bill and where?

- Haven’t seen many big acts/artists live, so any would be a pleasure, but if I had to choose 3 it would be Guns and Roses, Chase and Status, and I think for the third it’s a tie between Biggie or Tupac, just to witness one of their shows. As for where, I’m not sure - as long as the stage design is as eccentric as Tomorrowland, I’d be happy…

It’ll soon be Christmas - what’s does the perfect Christmas Day look like?

- Just being around family, having a good laugh and making memories, and of course the buckets of food and beer consumed.

Like it or not, you’re on Masterchef. What’s your signature dish going to be?

- I’m fussy but easily pleased, so pizza? If I had to do a ‘proper’ dish, I would more than likely go for a meat and potato pie with all the trimmings.

Another day at PAS. What’s so good about that?

Everyone wants to help each other, and we all get a long while getting the job done. It’s a dream.