Input/Output – Jack Robson, Hire Technician

Input/Output - Jack Robson, Hire Technician

Pro Audio Systems in five words is –

Enjoyable, Friendly, Educational, Helpful, Generous

Jack Robson in three words is -

Cheerful, Musical, Helpful

What brought you into the entertainment technology industry?

I have been doing audio since I was very young as I helped out with my dad’s band(s). When I went to college I initially didn’t enjoy the courses I had chosen and decided I wanted to stick to my roots in audio, so I moved colleges and changed to a Music Technology course alongside Computer Science and Graphic Design.

What are the best and worst bits of being a Hire Technician? 

My favourite things so far working as a hire technician have been getting to work with professional audio gear in many different scenarios I wouldn’t otherwise have had the opportunity to, as well as working out solutions to cater to customer requirements. I also enjoy getting to go out on jobs with engineered systems where I am more involved. Working in this industry has always been a dream job of mine and I can’t think of any downsides to doing what I want to do!

Do you play any musical instruments?

Yes, I play guitar and keys. I also used to be able to play ukulele and baritone horn in school…

What and where was the first gig you went to? Any good?

First gig I went to was watching my dad’s band as a young child; first festival was Leeds Festival 2021, and my first concert was Queen with Adam Lambert in Manchester this year.

If you could own just one vinyl album in perfect condition, what would it be?

Sex Pistols: God Save The Queen original 7” Single - only 9 are known to exist after the original 25,000 were destroyed.

You can go on a world tour as front of house engineer with an artist of your choice. Who and why?

It would be my dream to tour with Queen. They have always been such an iconic band to me and I grew up listening to their music with my grandad. I have many fond memories associated with their music, and I’ll always remember when I was much younger the first time my grandad showed me a tape he had of Live Aid. From that moment I always loved the band.

Where would you most like to visit in the world?

Australia/ New Zealand

What was the last film you watched? Any good?

I don’t watch films very often, however the last film I remember watching in the cinema was Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It was a good film but didn’t live up to my expectations after some of the other recent amazing Marvel films.

Its your birthday. You have unlimited budget for 24 hours. Talk us through your day?

Wake up and go straight to the estate agents to buy my dream home outright; next go to the car dealership and buy a brand new car. After that I’d buy a bunch of furniture and technology to furnish the new house and car. Finally I’d buy myself a warehouse and build a recording studio inside with all the necessary gear, as well as having a hire department for live events.

Its another day at PAS. Whats so great about that?

Creating new experiences and learning new skills to help me with my career.