Input/Output – Joel Sheldon – Hire Operations Manager

Input/output - Joel Sheldon - Hire Operations Manager

Joel Sheldon in three words is:

Loud, When, Drunk… and also quite loud when not drunk!

Pro Audio Systems in two words is: 

Challenging and Interesting. There is always something different going off at pro audio, we pride ourselves in finding solutions for difficult problems so we’re never stuck doing the same thing day to day.

When and how did your interest in technology begin?

Not sure really, ever since I have been able to hold a screwdriver, I have taken things apart to see how they worked. I even put a few of them back together!

If you weren’t a Hire Operations Manager, what would you be?

In all likelihood I would be a freelance audio engineer. I love my job; however, the best part is always being on a gig. Solving problems and meeting people.

You’re a guitarist. Tell us what was your first ever guitar? What is your main guitar and what guitar would you buy tomorrow if money was no object?

My first guitar was a Epiphone Special, I made a right mess of it around 10 years ago buy stripping it back and doing an ill-thought out paint job. My main guitar now is a 1989 Fender Stratocaster, I’ve had it around 15 years and I will never let it go! If money was no object, I would probably get a very old Les Paul gold top. Although my answer would probably be completely different if you asked me tomorrow!

Where was the first gig you played? What was the name of the band?

Other than playing at school my first gig was in a bar in Halifax called Fagins. I think it’s still there, but I haven’t been for a long time. The band was called The Witness and we were distinctly average!

You are allowed to guest as the guitarist in any band. Which one?

The Brothers Landreth…….Love them!

They say never meet your heroes. Have you met any of yours?

Not really… although come to think of it I don’t know if I have any heroes really… ooo that’s a boring answer…sorry!

Italian or a Curry?

Curry all day…. Not bothered what generally something with lamb!

The perfect holiday destination is…

Perth, Australia for me. One of my best friends lives out there. I went over in 2020 for his wedding and I can’t wait to go back.

What did you binge-watch on TV during lockdown?

I think I completed Netflix.

Another day at PAS. What’s so great about that?

The people. Everyone gets on here, we’re a smallish company and that enables everyone to be involved with a lot of different projects. It’s great, we can easily pool resources and utilize everybody’s specialties.