Input/Output – Jake Brown, Technical Sales Consultant

Input/Output - Jake Brown, Technical Sales Consultant

Pro Audio Systems in three words is -

Collaborative, Innovative, Progressive

Jake Brown in five words is –

Analytical, Methodical, Open-Minded, Dedicated, Helpful.

What led you into the industry?  

I grew up around music, and picked up my first instrument when I was 13. A bass guitar (bought through PAS). My passion quickly snowballed, and by the time I was 16 I was in a successful (albeit local) originals band. Through gigging, we saved up enough money to buy our own PA (again through PAS) so that we could run our own shows.  I ended up studying music at university which was a great place to meet other musicians and get my feet bedded into the local scene. After leaving university, I split my time between playing any gig that paid and bar work. 

Having moved closer to home and having a small human to look after, I took the decision to get a ‘normal’ job. After a chance phone call with Brian, I was invited to interview for a role as an assistant to the sales department.  

What’s the most challenging job you’ve worked on for PAS? 

Challenging is a word that I feel has changed since the pandemic. The largest job I’ve worked on was of course the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. It was the first time I project managed a major installation, so I put a lot of pressure onto myself to ensure it ran as smoothly and as organised as possible. It was the first time I’d worked with both d&b as a company and as a product, both of which I can say are fantastic. It really was a great project and seeing the look on the faces of the theatres staff during and after the commissioning of the Soundscape system brought it back to what it’s all about and made me proud. Not only for myself, but my team and friends that worked on the project, believed and trusted in me to fulfil the challenge that was appointed on me. I couldn’t have done it without the work they put in. Equally the credit and appreciation from the management and directors at PAS that put their faith in me. 

The most challenging job right now is managing customers expectations in all manor of projects due to the availability of both products & crew.  

Apple or Android? 


Who are your top three music artists of all time?

Honestly, I don’t think I could name one let a lone three. I listen to such a variety of music there’s too much to choose from. 

You can go on a world tour as technical director with an artist of your choice. Who and why?

I haven’t got time for a holiday let alone a world tour!  But if the opportunity arose, I’d take an up-and-coming band called Flawes, purely based on the fact that two good friends that I grew up, lived and played with are in the band - who better to spend all that time on the road with than mates?

It’s your birthday. You have unlimited budget for 24 hours. Talk us through your day?

I’d probably be boring and spend the morning figuring out the best way to ‘spend’ the money to ensure that I had it secure and safe for the next day. After all, it’d take longer than 24 hours to do anything that exciting at such short notice. After that it’d be a night on the sofa with the family, a takeaway and some beer (followed by Bourbon).

Can you remember the first time you went to Elland Road? Who were Leeds playing against and what was the score?

October 1997 – 7 Years old with my Dad and Brother – Leeds 4 – 1 Newcastle

Who is the greatest footballer you’ve ever seen in a game you attended? 

I’m going to have to stick with Leeds and say Raphina. We were always going to be a stepping stone club for him, but to have him play for just those two years were really special to see. I am looking forward to seeing what Sinisterra can achieve this season though….

What was the last TV series you binge-watched?

Brassic – I think I watched the latest season in one evening. 

It’s another day at PAS. What’s so great about that?

The team. Everyone is always ready to help each other and push forwards together.